About Everberry


Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Everberry and I’m a plant. Not just any plant. I am the best one in the field. On me grow the most delicious strawberries. This is because I am vital, in the right shape and top-fit! I grow significantly faster than the others. And also throughout the year.

With me you get more for less. As well as in price as in stability and continuity. In addition, I think our environment is important. So I am more open to biological crop protection.

I am developed in the testing fields of Trayplant. After many years of development and a variety of studies, I have finally gotten a ‘face’.

Get to know me!



Better quality and uniformity

Quality is most important. Uniform plant material is highly important. It is the only way to get the maximum out of the crop. To achieve this, we use unique tips. These come from our own propagation in the glasshouse.

For raising the plants, we developed our own strategy. The plants grow in tray pots and therefore there are better options to control the development. All this to achieve the desired type of plant. It also raises the uniformity, together with assiduous grading of the plants. Therefore you get the maximum out of your everbearer crop.


Better forecast of production

Over the season, weather conditions will always influence production. Together with other factors. This, of course, we can’t change. By our own trials with several varieties, plant types and plant distances, we now can indicate a trend. For choosing a certain production pattern, you can use this knowledge.


More production per m²

Our trayplants have several trusses per plant. Because of the unique vigour, the plants can handle early production. The plants develop earlier in size and capacity to continue production. By making better use of the season, you will get the maximum out of your everbearer crop.


Less crop protection

Our everbearer varieties have a high tolerance on diseases. In this, we make clear choices. After all, in practice it has been proven that the use of biological crop protection in everbearer crops give very good opportunities. This allows a considerable reduction in use of products for crop protection. Not only interesting financially, this also gives you options for further sustainability of your strawberry cultivation.


Easier and quicker planting

Our plants are rooted in a pot. This has a reason. This is how we prevent that the plants are not planted right. This way planting depth is easy to determine for everyone. And therefore no risk anymore. Besides that, this also saves time in planting and therefore savings in labour costs.


More harvests a year because of growth during the whole season

Everberry grows the entire season! No more extra changes of crops necessary. Just one time planting. That is why you can continue harvesting. This one of the advantages of everbearers. Besides that, our plants are producing extra early. This is how every season is used to the maximum. And not unimportant: you save the time and money for changing crops again.


A healthy, vital, vigorous plant in a crop concept custom made

We deliver only the best quality of plants! Whether it is the health of our plants, the vigour or the desired plant type: Only the best result counts. For you and for us! We also like to help you to get started with making strategic choices. Think of the possibilities in the field of choice of varieties, plant types and plant distances. Everything to make sure the start is right. On the way to a successful everbearer crop.